The Kingly Care Partnership is able to offer tailor made packages aimed at achieving the best outcomes possible for each resident. Please call Kingly House to talk through any of the service options available below and to discuss which facility may best meet the need:


This comprises a 12 week assessment looking at all aspects of functioning, including areas of general physical health, cognition, behaviour, emotion and social function. 

Always borne in mind is the fact that cognitive, behavioural and personality impairments can often be more disabling and restrictive in terms of community reintegration than any residual physical deficits. The outcome of this assessment feeds into individual goal setting and offers a view as to the care pathway that may be appropriate.

Continuing Rehabilitation

Continue to actively work on rehabilitative goals identified in assessment. This includes training and therapeutic sessions directed at addressing cognitive, behavioural and functional skills, guided leisure / social time, community access, behavioural management and vocational training and support.

Regular review meetings are held at which family, the referring / funding authority and other involved parties join the team to discuss progress and agree next steps.

Maintenance Rehabilitation

Aimed at maintaining the level of skill re-acquired / functional stability attained through active /continuing rehabilitation process. 

Often considered a longer term option to maximise quality of life and counter the behavioural, cognitive and functional deterioration possible if less supported.

Transitional Rehabilitation

The emphasis is on supporting the person in skills specific to their future living environment and arrangements.

This includes specific training in key skills in real-life settings and honing compensatory strategies to manage deficits in preparation for an achievable transition to a less supported facility.

Long term support

For those who are dependent to a high degree (in any or all areas of function), but with little rehabilitative potential as a consequence of their deficits, or who require input from a specialist team to maintain their safety and well-being for as long as they require it.

Vocational Rehabilitation

To include support in obtaining external voluntary or subsidised employment, work based or otherwise appropriate training, as well as offering support to access formal and informal education.

This constitutes an integral part of the Kingly Care Partnership philosophy.

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