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Just as no two people are alike, no two brain injuries or experiences of neurological disability are alike. Continuing rehabilitation will vary from individual to individual and be flexible to the changing needs of the resident concerned. Although not every resident will regain the same level of function we aim to support residents in achieving their fullest potential and give back a measure of control over their world.

Living in the community and returning to life’s activities can be very challenging to individuals who have suffered a brain injury or who have a neurological condition. We understand that individuals respond best to a more natural and familiar environment that helps them maintain a sense of worth and accomplishment. This facilitates a rhythm of living in the home and community which includes activities that emphasise the highest possible quality of life for each individual.

At the Kingly Care Partnership we enable people to continue to relearn skills lost as a result of their injuries. We promote the acquisition of functional and social skills.

The structured approach involves supporting the residents in activities to help overcome their disability or best manage them, covering many of the daily activities that would pre-injury, have been taken for granted.

The aim of the Kingly Care Partnership is to maximise / focus each individual’s potential for independent living, combining comfortable, modern accommodation with unobtrusive supervision from expert staff.

Residents are encouraged to participate actively in setting their goals and evaluating their progress.

The effects of an acquired brain injury / neurological disability are not only confined to the resident themselves but affect the family and friends of the injured individual. We aim to give residents every possible help in maintaining the links they wish to retain with their family and friends. We also recognise the importance of providing familial support and open communication.

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